Mapping T2D and CVD

The Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) map provides insight on the impact of T2D with CVD in the Medicare population in the United States. The interactive map allows you to investigate the prevalence of these diseases at the state-, county- and congressional district-level, explore the health burden associated with these diseases, and learn about their financial impact. Click on the map to begin exploring.

National Value: NA
Low High

*Certain regions have an insufficient population sample size to determine values with any level of confidence.

Information on Sources


Percent of individuals in population diagnosable with the condition.
All-Cause Cost
Costs for all sites of healthcare, excluding prescription medications.
Hospital Inpatient Cost
Costs related only to hospital inpatient care.
Post-Acute Care Cost
Costs related only to post-acute care in skilled nursing or home healthcare.
Mortality Rate
Rate of all-cause death.
Hospitalization Rate
Rate of inpatient hospitalization.
Readmission Rate
30-day hospital readmission rate following a separate hospital inpatient stay.
Hospital Days
Number of days spent in a hospital inpatient setting.
Hospital Episodes
Number of unique hospital inpatient stays.


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